Quick and Dirty

A shot of Senators tough guy Brian McGrattan going at it with the Leafs' Tie Domi was a natural for this Ottawa Sun cover on the aftermath of a February, 2004 hockey brawl, but as deadline approached I realized the layout needed a little additional grit. With less than half an hour to spare, I created an EPS image of my main headline and used various Photoshop techniques to beat the headline into submission. A few clip-art band-aids completed the effect.

Cake and coffin nails

The photo editor was pitching tired old file pics of Ottawa bar patrons smoking outdoors, but I was hoping for a cleaner and more evocative image to mark the year anniversary of Ottawa's indoor smoking ban. I dispatched a photographer to Loblaws to pick up a chocolate cake, and put together this striking birthday-themed package.

Legal aid

This half-page print ad, which I created for a Vancouver law firm, ran in several trade publications. With few raw materials to work from, I used a stylized police badge to play up Mr. Cameron's credentials as a former police officer.

On Safari

A press junket to South Africa was a golden opportunity to stretch my photography, writing and design experience. Returning from my 10-day excursion with a hundreds of snapshots and a notebook full of anecdotes, I wrote and designed a two-part series, which ran in the Sun's travel section and was picked up by sister papers nationwide.

Squeeze play

A simple, but quite effective little photo illustration used for a 2007 feature package on chronic pain sufferers.

Scary stuff

A 10-part series on phobias was a fun launchpad for all kinds of spooky photography and design concepts.

Main event

This retro-themed front-page design, which presaged an epic goaltending battle in Round 2 of the 2007 Stanley Cup championships, proved so popular with readers that the Sun marketed it as a full-size poster.

Drug scare

This award-winning Ottawa Sun cover used actual bits of crystal meth, which I cloned in Photoshop to create an eye-catching headline.

Celebrity mugs

Jailhouse mugshots provided the raw material for this light-hearted photo illustration to accompany an Ottawa Sun op-ed piece bemoaning the scores of celebs who've ended up behind bars. The mugshots, many grainy and irregularly cropped, proved tricky to work with, but despite some rough edges the finished product looked great on newsprint

Toy train

My three-year-old son, Jeffrey, served as unwilling model for this very complex composite photo, which I used for our family's 2006 holiday Christmas card. My very cranky boy posed briefly atop a toy dinosaur at a local playground, but refused to sit still or face in the right direction even after we tempted him with a big chocolate chip cookie. Lacking a single shot that contained all the elements I needed, I used Photoshop to weave together elements of three different photos into a single portrait of Jeffery. A battered toy train, touched up in Photoshop, and a dozen other elements of stock art provided the building blocks for the rest of the composite

Cover to cover

Here's a book jacket I designed for Ottawa-based hockey historian Jim Vantour.

Pamphlet design

This four-page pamphlet was part of a package of multimedia promotional material I created for an Ottawa dental school graduate who was preparing to open up a new practice. The photography, design and writing are all my work.