From front doorstep to cyberspace

I'm an Ottawa-based designer, editor and technology trainer with deep roots in the newspaper industry and the broader realm of technology.

During a 17-year career as an editor and newspaper designer, I learned to express my creative flair in an uncompromising, deadline-driven environment where your masterpieces -- and your follies -- are paraded across the front page and stare out at you from every streetcorner newspaper box. As a senior manager and my newsroom's primary technical resource and go-to graphics guy, I helped thousands of projects small and large come to fruition. Along the way I mentored scores of coworkers in the art and design of newspapers and in the bedrock concepts of good graphic design.

I'm an incurable, unabashed geek who's been fiddling with personal computers since the days of the Atari 800 and the Commodore 64 and have been designing online since the earliest days of the World Wide Web. I'm an expert-level user in the Abode software suite, comfortable in a Microsoft Office environment, and at one time or another have experimented with almost every conceivable variery of software, from 3D animation to SQLdatabases to Javascript and Ajax.

Please take a few minutes to explore my portfolio and find out what I can do for your business, or drop me a line at design @

Andrew Tomec